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Project Links

Here you'll find links relating to precious and current projects.

Ethan Haman:
A Southern Harmony Hymn Suite

Ethan Haman wrote this piece for the 2020-2021 American Guild of Organists Student Commissioning Project. The source material was taken from William Walkers Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (1835). Premiered by Abraham Wallace in Woolsey Hall, in 2021. 

Easily Purchasable Organ Music by African-American Composers

This link directs you to a spreadsheet of all the works on Calvert John's bibliography of organ music by African-American composers (also linked) to which I could find convenient links for purchase of the score. The sheet is currently under construction as more fields are being added to make it more friendly to the user.

New Muses Project

While my role in this project is admittedly very tiny, I love the work that the New Muses Project is doing, and feel compelled to include them here. In 2021, I was invited to record some organ music for their first album, being released in part to celebrate the launch of their website. The website is designed to aid in the discovery of relatively obscure (and certainly underrated) composers of classical music. 

The Melodica: My Personal Obsession

I was gifted a melodica a few years ago and have fallen in love with its sound. Here's a link to my Soundcloud, with some goofy multitrack recordings of melodica motets.

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